Selected Essays (links & Downloadable PDF ‘s)

ARTSCAPE ABC Documentary
Ape Lady, Producer, Klaus Toft, 2009

Mark Feary
Primate Prime Time, Lisa Roet, Catalogue Essay, Karen Woodbury Gallery, 2008

Veronica Angelatos
The Simian Line, Lisa Roet Sculpture, Catalogue Essay, Karen Woodbury Gallery, 2006

John Barrett-Lennard
Looking Back at Ourselves, Text for a talk at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery in conjunction with the Pri-mates: Lisa Roet exhibition, 2004

Mikael Pedersen
With a Focus on Apes, Journal Djurens Ratt (Animal Rights), No 1, 2004

Professor Diane Losche
The Shadow, catalogue essay, National Gallery of Kuala Lumpur, 2001

Ashley Crawford
The Simian Connection, Art In Australia, Fine Arts Press, Vol 38, No. 4, p576-583, 2001

Clare Barker
Planet of the Apes, Oyster Magazine, 3D World Publishing, June issue, p68-71, 2001

Edward Colless
Animal Husbandry, Re-Search Catalogue, Dienst Voor Cultuur, Brugge, Belgium, 2000

Gordon Grice and Mark Dery
Signfying Monkeys, Artbyte, Gabriella Fanning, p60-62, Nov-Dec 2000

Gregory Volk
Primates, exhibition catalogue, Australian Council Visual Arts Development Fund, 1999

Edward Colless
Burlesque Gestures, World Art, Fine Arts Press, May issue, p54-56, 1997